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Here’s a story we hear all too often in our clinics:

You’ve been to your doctor complaining of a sore tummy, or joint pain, or some other common ailment such as fatigue or tiredness.

Your doctor assesses you and may even order blood tests, which show up normal.

But yet - you still feel very unwell.


You don’t have energy, you sleep poorly, and you wake up tired.

These kind of things aren’t detected on a blood test.

You go back to your doctor, who really isn’t trained in nutrition and functional medicine, and they’ll offer generic advice like:


“Just Eat a balanced diet” or “Perhaps you should Start exercising” or
“Look at ways to help reduce your stress”…


All of these sound like a great idea, and you DO THEM, but nothing REALLY changes, and over time, your symptoms can get worse.

So, back to the doctor you go, and more blood tests are done, and bingo! You get a “diagnosis” of (for example) an auto-immune disease. And there are lots of them.

This diagnosis seems to magically “explain” your signs and symptoms, but very often the only treatment you’re offered is a lifelong course of medications - because that’s simply the “way it is” with medicine.

We, and countless other practitioners disagree.

There’s much more to an Auto-immune disease than what you find on blood tests, and you can largely prevent them from occurring.


  • Have you ever felt there was more to your issues than your doctor thinks?
  • Ever wondered why you've got problems?
  • Have you tried all sorts of different types of nutrition plans and supplements to feel better and nothing helps?
  • You know there's GOT to be a "cause" of your signs and symptoms, but don't know where to start?


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